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How to setup Errand Alerts?

First of all, what is “Errand Alerts”? Simply put, it is an email notification sent by SoManyErrands.com when an errand is posted within 100 miles from your current location. This is a feature available to our premium members, which is only $19.99 per year. Premium Membership comes with a whole lot of other benefits. Your […]

How can SoManyErrands.com help you this Spring?

Winter is almost done and spring is right around the corner. Several people have already submitted an errand to ensure that they get all the help they need during spring cleaning. The Errand Submission form simply collects information regarding your errand so that interested Errand Runners can apply to run the errand. Once you have […]

Hire an Errand Runner for Spring Cleaning!

Well, spring is almost around the corner and soon you will be needing help with Spring Cleaning! This is the perfect opportunity for you to hire an Errand Runner in your neighbourhood to help you with cleaning. Don’t force your kids to do chores around the house. By outsourcing simple household tasks to Errand Runners, […]

How can students make money on SoManyErrands.com

Being on a student budget can be hard. Every dollar counts. Hence, many students keep a lookout for part time opportunities to make some extra income and pay the bills. SoManyErrands.com provides an excellent opportunity for students to make money by running errands for others in their neighbourhood. It’s pretty simple actually. Students can follow […]

How to make money in your spare time by running errands?

If you have some spare time, why not make a few extra bucks? There are a lot of ways you can do that. Some people become Uber drivers. You can also become an Errand Runner on SoManyErrands.com and make money by running errands for others in your neighbourhood. It’s really simple how it works. People […]

Why hire errand runners to run your errands?

People force their kids to do household chores when they could be doing something that they love like playing sports or learning music. Why do that when you can simple hire someone in your neighbourhood to run errands for you? Hiring someone to run your errands has a lot of benefits: It frees up a […]

How to get help with errands around the house?

Hiring a nanny to help you with household chores can be expensive and unaffordable for most americans. However, that does not mean that you cannot find the help that you need and deserve. There are tons of people in your neighbourhood that would love to help you out with household errands like cleaning, lawn mowing, […]