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Phone: +1 517-256-7179
Pay: $25 total

Day and time: Saturday Nov 11 @ 10.30am

Please send your email so I can email the return codes to you.

If there is ANY problems please call us at 5172567179.

Pls ensure all tasks are completed before you leave or end the task.

Estimated time: 1 hour.


1. Post one doc at USPS. Please pay first and charge it to the final bill.


2. Return packages at USPS.


3. Banana Republic sent us somebody’s else’s package. Please drop it at the closest Banana Republic store. Please handle the return till the very end.


4. Thick textured water colour paper – feel free to Facetime and show the options at 5172567179 (Patrick, my husband has iPhone). I will be with him


Misc tasks – will update if any.

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