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Pay: $7000 and up

Many women are unable to become pregnant with their own eggs. This can be caused by advanced maternal age, premature ovarian failure or the presence of a genetic condition. However, using special technique of In Vitro Fertilization, they may be able to become pregnant with donated eggs from another women (Egg Donor).

Asian Egg Donation, LLC (AED) is an Egg Donor Agency specializing in unique matching services for prospective Asian parents (Egg Recipients) to select their preferred Asian Egg Donors and fulfill their dreams of having children and families. Being an egg donor is a very serious decision, the process involves extensive times and efforts for the entire donation process. This introduction will help you understand the process before your decision of becoming an Egg Donor.

Women with Asian Heritages or Asian mix between the ages of 19 to 32, reliable, dependable.
In good health, free of infectious/communicable diseases and genetic diseases.
Not having obtained any tattoos, body piercing or blood transfusions within the past 12 months prior to initiating an egg donation.
Have at least High School diploma.
Not take any illegal drugs or smoke cigarettes. Urine toxicology tests will be completed during the screening process to confirm abstinence.
Have a flexible schedule and able make all necessary clinic appointments. Donors will require to attend appointment in fertility clinics for about 8 times during 6-8 weeks. Most fertility clinics offer such appointment at early morning 7-10am.
You don’t need to miss work or school.

compensation is $7000-10,000

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