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I need someone who can go to The Rockefeller Archive Center in NYC and find there a piece of paper in the archives of Near East Foundation(http://www.neareast.org/). Here’s how to make an appointment(http://rockarch.org/research/inforesearch.php)

Little disclaimer – my correspondence with Near East Foundation:
ME: “Hello.
My grandfather, Dzhivan Rstak(Aristakesyan), armenian who suffered from genocide in 1915, lived few years in сhildren’s shelter in Erzrum, which by grandpa’s memories was under your foundation’s ‘protection’ with some Mr. Stamplton in control.
As he remembers one day they’d made a newspaper which was sent to USA, to your office. My family and I wonder if there is any copy, maybe digital, cause as he writes in his memoirs he wrote there a poem and we’d like to find it.
Waiting for answer.
NEF: “Dear Mr. Aristakesyan,
Thank you very much for your message. I am glad you reached out to us on Facebook as well, as I did not receive your inquiry via our contact form. I will look into why that might be.
Might the paper you refer to be the New Near East magazine? I will do some digging around to see what information we have on Mr. Stamplton and Erzrum to see what I can find for you. Do you happen to know for what time period your grandfather lived at Erzrum?”
ME: “no, this is definetly not New Near East magazine it was made by there hands, like school paper.
i know only that my grandfather Dzhivan Rstak(Aristakesyan) was there between 1915-1918”

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