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Phone: +1 669-222-0047
Pay: $13.00 / hour

im a 53 disabled white male in a power wheelchair. Call are you I am bedridden with a fractured right shoulder And sprained left wrist leaving me mostly immobile. .i am seeking A full time live in caregiver To start as soon as possible.

I am an IHSS Recipient That provides a room rent free and $13 an hour. hours are flexable and variable

the job is mostly cooking and baking from scratch. good cooking skills are manditory as its 70% of the job. must have proficient cooking skills not just preparing boxed meals. house keeping , laundry, running errands etc.

I am bed ridden so will need ocasional help with bathing and reguler emptying of urinal jugs and bedpan.

must be a non smoker as i am alergic. i would prefer someone with there own vehicle in the east santa clara county, san jose area for emergency oncall needs and transporting of groceries. i do not need anyone to transport me as you would not be able to transport my power chair.

call roy at 669-222-0047.

i don’t use email much so emails may take days to reach me so phone voice or texting is best

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