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Phone: +1 734-837-9573
Pay: $12/hour

Pick Up / drop off my clothes, some books, personal papers and a few other personal items. I am impoverished and currently residing in a nursing home as I recover from a broken hip, leg and tail bone. I want to recover only some items. No furniture. No TV sets. No entertainment centers, pianos, boats, cars or very heavy objects. I don’t have a personal vehicle to aid us. I do not plan on renting a vehicle. It is a third floor apartment that I am leaving. We will have to pick up a key from near by Westland. The move will be from Wayne MI to Canton MI. Things that don’t fit will be given to you or left behind. The timetable/task needs to be done by Monday, January 8, 2018. My budget target is $45 but is negotiable within reason. I don’t think it should take more than 3 hours. As this is my only opportunity to see the outside world I would like to visit a local CVS pharmacy too.

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