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Phone: +1 720-800-6884
Pay: $15.00 per hour + compensation for other costs

I have a book collection being given to me, IF I can find a way to get it.  The books are in Cambridge Maryland.  I would require the errand runner to get boxes (the person giving me this hasn’t told me how many books yet), go to my acquaintance’s house, PACK the boxes and then DELIVER them to a post office.  They can ship media mail (or UPS it gets there when it gets there).  I do want the cheapest option.   I have no idea of the cost of shipping.  I would hope the whole errand would be 3 – 4 hours.    If the person running the errand is a Nora Roberts fan, the person giving the collection away has a few other things she could share.

Pay would be $15 per hour, compensation for the box purchase and I’d of course pay for shipping.

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