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Phone: +1 604-500-2499
Pay: to be discussed in interview - potential to make well over $100,000 per annum

Yesterday he and I contacted a major property management sales team. They agreed to buy a 3 minute video for one of their real estate projects and 256 videos for furnished and unfurnished properties that they rent.

This could turn into $21,675 incommissions that we will pay on $210,675 in sales for him over the course of the next year, plus we will be buying the videos from him – as well they have new property management listings coming in daily

This company also a sales division with over 200 sales people. It is my hope that all sales people also start ordering videos and real estate photography from us.

He is now contacting other potential advertisers.

Potential home renters and buyers can search for their next home on our platform with search features better than Craigslist.

We are a newly launched video classified advertising platform related to renting, selling, decorating and maintaining residential real estate.

We have 385 market area video classified advertising platforms online in Canada and the United States, all being set up with search by rental rate features and the ability for customers to buy videos online.

If interested in shooting videos for us or joining our display ad and video sales team please send us some information about yourself. We pay 50% deposits on all videos with final payment when shoot done to our and our customers satisfaction.

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