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Pay: $20/hr rehearsal time / additional $50.00 performance

Performance: SOUTH STAGE Church Street; Friday, June 22nd, 7-730pm.

Performers will NOT be performing for 30 minutes. They will be showcased for one or two songs. The stage will be shared with multiple artists and performers all getting a turn. We’re including Deaf performers as well as we open the entertainment to both the hearing and Deaf community. 🙂

Looking for talented dancers willing to perform during Pride. LGBTQ+ and POC performers take priority as we’re looking for diversity but white/Cis males and females are absolutely welcome to perform as well.

Looking to pay $20/hour for rehearsal time and $50.00 additional payment for the 30minute performance. I Will host rehearsals downtown through out June, possibly end of May.

Please send short bio about yourself, headshot and samples of your dance or performance style (online video, attached to email, instagram clip, whatever works!)


Artist Website: www.MDLCHLD.com

(Pronounced Middle Child)

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