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Phone: +1 909-556-3325
Pay: $50

My other half is out there for work for the next week. He doesn’t have a car out there and I was hoping to het a few things for him by tomorrow ¬†dropped off at the front desk so that they could put it in his room. Just a handful of things to help him get by and not have to eat Taco Bell everyday.

Would need it completed by Wednesday the 8th before 2pm:

  • 6Pack of Water (not arrowhead)
  • a few (2-3) (or a 6 pack smaller one) light blue Gatorades (frost I think that blue is called)
  • Original Wheat Thins
  • Pepperjack Cheese
  • Pre-maid Footlong Sandwich (turkey ham roast beef is generally what they include)

Hotel Quality inn off N Park Dr in Winslow. Guest Matt. Horton

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