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Pay: 50.00

at 11 am i will order 2 pork bbq sanwhiches , meat and bun separate , and onion rings with texas petal sauce.  they usually take about half hour to make food ,youre more than welcome to text or email me for the specific time given to me but picking up at 11:30 am is perfectly fine with me.  And if you would be so kind as to bring it to my house , 2770 Moselem Springs Rd , Fleetwood, Pa , 19522.  My house number is 2768 but if you put that in the gps it takes you to a field for whatever reason unknown to me. 2770 is my neighbor and our homes are connected , i am the on the side that the stone driveway you will be pulling into is on. You’re welcome to turn around in the back before bringing the food to my door , if you want to text or email when you are close i can come get it at your car where ill give you a 50.

Phone: +1 484-752-9235

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