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Pay: $1,680USD every 21 days

The company will send to you boxes containing Wall Fittings, you are
to open them and count the number of Wall Fittings in each boxes and
get back to us with the report. A FedEx Agent will come to your
location to come to pick them up and you wouldn’t be ask for any fee
or taxes because the company has make arrangement for all. The FedEx
Agent will come with the names and address of our client that needed
the boxes, so you don’t need to paste anything on the boxes. Each time the boxes arrive to your doorstep, all you will need to do is to open and count the numbers of items in each and get back to us with the report, so whenever our clients needed them, we get you informed and let you know when the FedEx Agent is coming to pick them at your location.

NOTE: the company is offering a Part Time job and we are
willing to pay $1,680USD every 21 days and it would never affect your
current job and you going to work when you are at home from your
current job. The company only need your 100% honest and faithfulness and you are also receiving an upfront payment of $200USD before getting started. If you are willing to work as a Part Time or Full Time worker with the company,

kindly get back to us at: [email protected]

Phone: +1 929-314-9125

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