Sick Gal Needs Specifics VONS/RITE/LASSENS2dayplz

Robin Reed(Kingdon)and Brent Kingdon

Pay: $15+ per hour

hi I’m chronic sick brain sick body sick need toilet paper some over the counter stuff from VONS/RITE AID and small amt. of food as hub is brit he has no license. he went out already but brain forgot 1/2 of stuff. AND need healing supplements and a couple heath food items at Lassens Natural foods across from target on main. after 2pm gets busier cuz of moms getting kids etc. very very very ill . hub already walked to CVS at seaward and thompson. we are 1 block up from CORALES mid town. would help so much. new to ventura and only friends have work/family to attend to. please. help me. xo Robin Ps. no health insurance and fixed income and hub’s income cut in 1/3 his pension due to england leaving UK. so money wee bit all the meds I get UGH! just need some basics and healing stuff as i am sickest i have ever been. drs cant fix. you cant get sick from me we are very nice couple with tiny koi pond and brent hub did cvs run walking and i forget so much these days. plus LASSENS has specific supplements to heal what i have some of it. thanks God Bless angel needing an angel Immune sys. dysfunction/fibromyalgia/lymphedema kidneys blah blah nothing works hub is fit but all that walking to much he will be 74 soon. please send me an angel

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