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Pay: TBD

Prestigious dance & production company making waves in NYC is seeking interns. We have a 10k+ following on social media and featured in major publications like SELF Magazine, AOL News, and Galore.

We are a female-focused company that offers classes and programs for women and regularly produce and release music videos (1-2x per month).

We seek interns for **each** of the following roles:
– LIGHTING DESIGN for our music video shoots
– VIDEO EDITING to create teaser/promo videos
– PHOTOGRAPHY to capture behind the scenes footage at our shoots, classes, and events
– MARKETING (with a focus on Social Media)

Internships are unpaid. Interns will be credited in our music videos and on our social media where applicable.

1) Familiarize yourself with our company and brand.
2) Apply to this errand
3) Specify which position you are applying for. Include a relevant RESUME, PORTFOLIO, and ONE PARAGRAPH describing why you are interested in this position at our company, being as specific as possible.

Applicants must follow the above steps for their application to be considered.

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