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Pay: up to 500/month

Who are we?

‘Save On Drive’ is a platform offered by Speed Media Inc. to provide commuters and drivers the opportunity to earn extra income every month by advertising on their vehicles, utilizing vibrant, eye-catching graphics and commercial messaging. In short, we install advertisements on your vehicle, and we pay you up to 500 dollars/month!

Why us?

We provide free installation, no start-up cost, and no monthly expenses.

How to start earning extra income?

With no involvement of the owner/driver in the process and just utilizing your vehicle in a more practical and mindful way, you can earn some extra couple hundred bucks from your daily routine every month.

Your vehicle which is supposed to act as an asset actually acts as a liability on you if you don’t utilize it the smart way. We’re here to make you extra money from the vehicle you already own. Even your frequent trips to the coffee shop can earn up to $500 a month.

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