How can students make money on SoManyErrands.com
By Daily Blog

Being on a student budget can be hard. Every dollar counts. Hence, many students keep a lookout for part time opportunities to make some extra income and pay the bills. SoManyErrands.com provides an excellent opportunity for students to make money by running errands for others in their neighbourhood. It’s pretty simple actually.

Students can follow the steps below to start making money
1) Sign up as an Errand Runner
2) Search for errands nearby
3) Apply for errands by clicking on the “Apply for Errand” button at the bottom of the errand details page.

Once you have applied to run the errand, your application will be sent to the employer. The employer will then communicate with the errand runner via email.

Thats how simple it is for anyone to start making money by running errands for others!

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