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Hiring a nanny to help you with household chores can be expensive and unaffordable for most americans. However, that does not mean that you cannot find the help that you need and deserve. There are tons of people in your neighbourhood that would love to help you out with household errands like cleaning, lawn mowing, snow shovelling, groceries and more! All you have to do is compensate them for their time.

SoManyErrands.com is an online Marketplace where users can hire someone in their neighbourhood to run errands like groceries, cleaning, lawn mowing etc. You can also choose to become an errand runner and make money by running errands for others in your neighbourhood.

The site basically connects 2 groups of people
1) People who are looking to make some extra income in their free time by running errands for others.
2) People who need help with errands around the house and are willing to pay someone to do it.

The website is a part of the growing Gig Economy in which employers provide short-term employment and contract-based work for independent and freelance workers. Freelancers get to choose the kind of work that they are interested in rather, than being forced into a job where they do any work that lands in their hands.

So why force your kids to do chores when they could be out there playing sports or doing what they love? Instead, you could simply hire someone in your neighbourhood to run errands and let kids be kids!

Simply follow the steps below to get started as an Errand Employer.

  1. Submit the details of your errand. Its a simple form that asks for your location, errand compensation and other details. This way, Errand Runners in your neighbourhood can find your errand easily and start applying to run the errand.
  2. Once you have completed the form, you can optionally upgrade your listing to a premium listing. This will make your errand stand out from the rest. When people in the neighbourhood search for errands, your errand listing will show up on the top with bold fonts and background color. This way, you will get far more responses than other errands!
  3. Once Errand Runners start applying to run your errand, you will receive an email notification. Simply reply to that email to start communicating with the errand runner and schedule a meet up.
  4. Once the Errand Runner has run the errand, you need to pay them in cash. Currently, the website does not support electronic payments.

It is really that simple! Once you get started, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much time you save by hiring errand runners to run errands! Good luck!

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