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If you have some spare time, why not make a few extra bucks? There are a lot of ways you can do that. Some people become Uber drivers. You can also become an Errand Runner on SoManyErrands.com and make money by running errands for others in your neighbourhood.

It’s really simple how it works. People who need help with errands will submit the details of their errand using a form. Errand Runners who are looking to make money running errands can search for errands near them. The Errand listing will contain all details of the errand including the location and compensation. The compensation is usually a fixed price to getting the job done or an hourly rate. In order to contact the Errand Employer, all you have to do is click on “Apply for Errand” button and complete a short form.

Both the Errand Runner and Errand Employer gets an email notification. The Errand Employer will simply reply to the email in order to start communicating with the Errand Runner. Once the errand has been completed, the payment is made via cash. Soon, the website will start supporting electronic transactions.

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