How you can benefit from the Gig Economy
By Daily Blog

First of all, what is a “Gig Economy”? Simply put, a Gig Economy refers to an environment where people or organizations engage in short term employment or contract jobs. One of the most popular examples of a force behind the Gig Economy is Uber.

Uber allows drivers to make money in their free time. It’s a flexible option for people because drivers get to chose their own work hours and there are no commitments. Hence, it can easily be done as a part time job. All they really need is a car and a driver’s licence. The beauty with SoManyErrands.com is that you don’t even need a driver’s licence. All you really need is… a passion to run errands!

SoManyErrands.com is a part of the growing Gig Economy. Similar to how Uber connects Riders to Drivers, SoManyErrands.com connects Errand Runners to Errand Employers! It’s a win win situation for both parties. Errand Runners get to choose what kind of work they want to accept and also choose when they want to work. This gives them a same flexibility as an Uber driver. Errand Runners can choose from a variety of errands to run like groceries, cleaning, dog sitting, dog walking, cooking etc. It’s a great option for students or people who are in between jobs to make a side income.


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