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Sometimes, having a full-time job just isn’t convenient for your lifestyle. Perhaps you’re a student trying to make some extra money, perhaps you’re a parent trying to balance taking care of your children but would like to pick up some jobs at the same time.

Being able to work within your own needs allows you the freedom that full-time work doesn’t always offer. Choosing from a variety of part-time contracts allows for you to work a few hours per week, with shifts that are convenient to you and negotiable with your errand employer.

At somanyerrands.com you can search the list for a variety of part-time or contract jobs posted, all within your neighbourhood. Simply create an account, search the job’s site and apply for errands that fit your skills and your schedule.

You are under no obligation to take on more work than what fits in your timetable. Once you have completed the task of the errand employee you get paid, it’s that simple. Maybe your schedule leaves you time in the morning, why not pick up some groceries for someone in need? Or maybe you have time in the evening, why not offer your services as a babysitter for a couple needing a night out?

Simply check off the boxes to suit your preferences, enter your location, and some keywords and you’re set to go. Start making some part-time money today through a variety of contract jobs by joining somanyerrands.com today.

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