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Having to juggle school work, studies, a social life and still trying to make money on the side, all while working within the schedule of your employer can make it hard for a student to make some real money.

Why not give somanyerrands.com a try? With this online marketplace, you get to decide the hours that you want to work, within your own schedule. The only boss you have to answer to is yourself.

If you don’t have the time to get a job done because you are too busy studying for an exam, you are not obligated to work. If, however, you have two weeks off over the holiday season and your wallet is looking pretty empty, you have the luxury of picking up a few jobs by running errands for a variety of clientele on the site.

Not sure what type of work will match your skills? No need to worry, at somanyerrands.com there are a variety of errands to choose from, many ordinary tasks. Narrow down your search by clicking on the boxes that best match your skills, from pet services to grocery pickup and drop off. You get to choose what works best and what you have time for.

Simply log in to the site, search for errands in your neighbourhood, apply for the task and complete it successfully then get paid. You can even set up your account to receive job alerts to save you time in having to look for more errands to run.

Reap all the benefits somanyerrands.com has to offer to students in need of part-time work. Tell your friends about your new job too, the more people who use the site, the more jobs there will be to choose from. The opportunities are endless, join today!

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